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Live Your More

Because you deserve to live a life encompassing all of you, nothing less.

"For three days, press pause from constantly pouring into everyone else.  Take some time to come away with us + AWAKEN to your potential creating a life that excirtes and fulfills you?  It's time to TRANSCEND beyond the personal development books and finally move past  complacency and perceived limitations.  Are you ready to PURSUE your MORE - by putting your BEST self out there to live out your purpose and dreams? 

From keynote speakers, fun + interactive workshops, squad hookups, to our nightly Night Caps - complete with signature LYM cocktails/mocktails - we have planned the Ultimate Girls' weekend!  

 Getaway with us!"
From The Desk Of : The "Live Your More" Squad
Date :  Thursday, February 11, 2021
Subject : You Need A Getaway!
Hey Girlfriend,
Have you ever thought..."surely there is more"?




Anyone else out there need to take a breather and do something just for you?  How does 3 days away to recharge sound right about now?  Well...get excited, because we have planned the perfect "girl's getaway weekend", and we did it with you in mind!  We can collective exhale, and we love it!   If you're like us, you're ready to start packing!  But before you run off to shop...take notice that this retreat is VIRTUAL!  That's right -- you're going to be able to "come away with us" from the comfort of your own home!  

Now...don't get it twisted!  This is still a commitment to YOURSELF so take the time you deserve to getaway!  All it takes is for you to determine you're worth a 3-Day getaway to block your calendar for March 26-28, 2021.  

Now before you start making excuses, we want you to think about something...even JESUS planned a "getaway"!  Surely, you can see how three days could be just what you need to LIVE YOUR MORE in your health/wellness, your faith, and to thrive in every area of your life!
We're calling every women who wants to reach her God-ordained purpose to join us March 26 - 28, 2021 at the "LIVE YOUR MORE" Virtual Retreat! 

Our LYM Retreat Presenters 

Arming You with Proven Systems and Strategies to Live Your More.

Dr. Stephanie Credle

Colet Williams

April Jarrett

Dr. Angela Dash

Nina Brewton

Geri Jackson

Theora Moench

Kristen KB Newton

Jan Lennon

Nikieta Lambert

Surprise Guest

Surprise Guest

Give Yourself The Gift of Three Days! 
You Deserve It!

You Can Emerge From 2021 with an
"All Of You, Nothing Less" Mindset!

We want to give you fair warning. This is not your typical online event!  We realize you saw the word "virtual" and visions of Zoom meetings danced in your head!  You thought it would be days sitting listening to speakers go "on and on" while you try to keep from nodding off to sleep!  NOPE!  That doesn't sound like a getaway to us!   We definitely have powerful speakers who will focus on building AWARENESS, helping you TRANSCEND the things that hold you back, and provide the framework for you to pursue your PURPOSE!
BUT..THERE's SO MUCH MORE! The LIVE YOUR MORE Retreat will be an IMMERSIVE  EXPERIENCE!  Our venue allows us to interact with you from start to finish -  in REAL TIME!  You'll connect with other like-minded women and your favorite presenters, find your squad, and release everything that has kept you longing for more for far too long.
We've reached out to women asking exactly what would give them the boost they need to reconnect with themselves, revive their dreams,  accelerate their growth, and be ready to leap courageously into the next season of their lives.
We combined all this into the "ultimate" girl's getaway weekend!  All that's needed YOU!  It's time to LIVE YOUR MORE!

It's Just What I Need!
  Sign Me Up!

That's exactly what we wanted to hear!  Don't let anything get in your way!
Register today for the "Live Your More" Retreat!

Here Is A Small Sampling Of What You’ll Discover In These 3 Days...

How to make your early morning routine a daily energizer. Smoothies, and more... 
How to shift your mindset into COURAGEOUS you can chase your dreams and overtake them!
How to find your squad. #SquadGoals
How to build your own FAITH LIFE and personalize your relationship with God.
Discover a framework that provides a lifestyle approach to wellness.
Charcuterie Board Workshop!  
Bible Journaling Workshop to marry your faith with your creativity.
Live Panel Discussion - Putting "Live Your More" Into Action!
 Courageous Mindset Workshop - 7 BOLD STEPS to Live Your More!
Music by DJ TraceyV!  Special Live Your More Playlist!
 Nightly "Nightcaps"!  Girl Talk, Mocktails & Cocktails, and more.

...And That’s Just From A Fraction Of Our Featured Presenters!

So that’s It!
Don't let anything hold you back! 
Determine that you'll be with us March 26-28, 2021!
  • All of you and nothing less
  • A weekend of opulent living
  • A time to reconnect in a holistic way
You know how the old saying goes: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink...”
well, here is the water, now it’s your job to take a drink.
Thanks again, and I’ll see you on the inside of the members area!
April, Colet, and Stephanie
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